First Playtest Reflections and Road Ahead

First Playtest Reflections and Road Ahead

Our inaugural Lumari playtest has come to an end, and the insights we've gained are incredible!

From waterfront docks to Japanese long-houses, we saw incredible creations that encompassed our core idea of a home as a place of belonging. The bonds you demonstrated with your Lumari and the heartfelt fanart showed a strong connection that validates our efforts.

Player creations with our first playtest

Speaking of bonds with your Lumari, we’ve also tested a radically new experience that deepens companionship with Lumari with a subset of our playtesters. It's too early to divulge details, but we believe it will be transformative and a key step towards the immersive creature collection you've dreamed of.

Your detailed feedback has been invaluable. Some survey responses extended into thousands of words, shedding light on what Lumari could—and should—be. The phrase “the potential to be something truly special” resonates with us because “potential” means we still have work to do. 

Early player excitement within our Discord

So what’s next? It means we’re back to building. Nick has already taken out his kayak for some deep design thinking on the waters. At some point in the medium future, we’ll run our next playtest, incorporating all the insights we’ve learned from you this time. 

To our inaugural playtesters, we offer our heartfelt thanks. (We will have a little gift planned for you!) Regrettably, due to the scale of the test, we were unable to include all who applied. But don't worry—we'll be conducting more playtests down the line. If you're interested, please sign up here!

With gratitude,

The Proxima Team

Nick, Jeff, Gabriel, Mélisande, and Ran

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